The g-speak platform centers around the idea that applications live and breath in the same physical space as us humans. Thus, pixels should be addressable via time and space and flow seamlessly across screen and machine boundaries. The articles found on this page address these and other core concepts that form the foundation of the entire platform.

Getting Started (g-speak and greenhouse)

A quick guide to downloading, installing, and running your first application within minutes.

Write Your First Greenhouse Application

A quick guide to creating a new application and begin hacking!

Spatial Considerations

A guide to defining where your pixels are in space and subsequently addressing them.


A guide to the run-cycle for a g-speak application and the ordering of events and drawing.

Plasma FAQ

This page provides lots of goodies and helpers when it comes to using plasma in a Q & A format.


Guide to logging and monitoring you g-speak applications.

Gripes Overview (PDF)

This document is a wonderful guide to gripes and g-speak’s gestural language.