g-speak™ is a C/C++ SDK which allows for the development of multi-user, multi-screen, multi-device, spatial, distributed applications. The tutorials on this page cover the core g-speak concepts and libraries that enable these capabilities.

Introducing Noodoo2

An overview of g-speak’s advanced graphics API.

Getting Started

A quick guide to downloading, installing, and running your first application within minutes.

Spatial Considerations

A guide to defining where your pixels are in space and subsequently addressing them.

Platform Structure

Brief overview of the nine core g-speak libraries, complete with videos of John Underkoffler discussing the purpose of each one.


An overview and diagram outlining the inheritance chain for the most commonly used g-speak classes.


A guide to the run-cycle for a g-speak application and the ordering of events and drawing.

Platform Constitution

Brief overview of the core set of principles, ideas and concepts that imbue g-speak and the entire platform, complete with videos of John Underkoffler discussing the importance of each.

Plasma FAQ

This page provides lots of goodies and helpers when it comes to using plasma in a Q & A format.


Guide to logging and monitoring you g-speak applications.


An FAQ style page covering common questions and actions.

Hacker’s Guide to Quartermaster (PDF)

Gripes Overview (PDF)

This document is a wonderful guide to gripes and g-speak’s gestural language.