g-speak™ is a C/C++ SDK which allows for the development of multi-user, multi-screen, multi-device, spatial, distributed applications. The tutorials on this page cover the core g-speak libraries that enable these capabilities.

Introducing Noodoo2

An overview of g-speak’s advanced graphics API.

Getting Started (g-speak and greenhouse)

A quick guide to downloading, installing, and running your first application within minutes.

Write Your First Greenhouse Application

A quick guide to creating a new application and begin hacking!

Platform Structure

Brief overview of the nine core g-speak libraries, complete with videos of John Underkoffler discussing the purpose of each one.


An overview and diagram outlining the inheritance chain for the most commonly used g-speak classes.

Platform Constitution

Brief overview of the core set of principles, ideas and concepts that imbue g-speak and the entire platform, complete with videos of John Underkoffler discussing the importance of each.


An FAQ style page covering common questions and actions.

Hacker’s Guide to Quartermaster (PDF)